Morel Mushroom Haul


Sorry for the delay between my posts, I’ve just moved back home from school and I’m getting comfortable after the transition period.

My mom was excited to show me these Morel Mushrooms which she found in our yard, growing in old mulch under a winterberry tree. We have yet to eat them because truthfully, we have a bit of fear associated with mis-identification of these mushrooms (from the research we gathered from the internet and books, the False Morel can cause digestive distress and possibly death if consumed). I am fairly certain that these are Common Morel Mushrooms (Marcella esculenta) because of their honey-comb textured caps, tan coloring, and hollow stems which are attached to the caps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If any of my readers could offer their opinions regarding the identity of these morel mushrooms, it would be greatly appreciated!!


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